1oneam – okay
Genre Rap


​okay lyrics

Lyrics from snippet


[Bro got me blocked on Instagram] [Boy-
Blow my phone, luh' hoe, too late [Bro got me blocked on-
We gon' catch that hat, okay [Boy, fuck you, nigga
Can't play me like no feel, okay, huh
You can't tell me shit now, I'm like, "Fuck a rule", okay [Fuck you, nigga
Bad bitch on my dick now but I'm just tryna fuck, okay
I am not yo' comma, my gang, we gon' run up
See that fye and run, uh, sorry, I can't love 'ya
That bitch stabbed me in the back, you think I can trust 'ya?
Got 'em, slap him in the back in case he want some fun, yeah
Ughhh, yah, I'm off the gas, I think I need some, yahhh
Pass that hoe, that bitch, she trash, I'on want her, uh-uh

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