133 DRIPKING – 133 (Home)
Genre Rap

133 (Home)

Verse 1:

I stick my neck out for my people
God do the rest please deliver us from evil
People try to backstab but I am not feeble
My city understands me they treat me like I’m equal
Rep 133 don’t give a fuck that’s my home
And it always will be and to them I’ll always be known
Try to touch my chain put a bullet to your dome
Felicity, Ohio like I said that bitch that’s my home
Hottest out my place I’ll do whatever it takes
To get that bag ran up I and I ain’t taking breaks
To get my fucking bands up and I ain’t making mistakes
133 Iced out on my neck yall can thank me
And it’s wetter than the great fucking lakes sheesh
What makes me don’t break me
Think twice if you think you finna break me
To all my haters out there y’all make me

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