003 DT – Hatred Page(LR2)
Genre Rap

Hatred Page(LR2)

[Verse 1
Can we go do something I just wanna talk
Keep it real, really don’t t een love you so don’t even fall
Momma told me, don’t let no one play you so keep standing tall
I used to put them first just for emotion so i fed em all
And she just took this nigga heart so now he stuck on fentanyl
He gambling with his life over one girl, for her he bet it all
Lover rules, nevermind we moved on to the hatred page
Steady on his knees screaming, begging but they nevеr stayed
At first it was just love but all the wеakness it just turned to hate
I hate when you text niggas and just try to lie straight in my face
Verse 2]

I won’t love another hoe
All this love shit this how it’s suppose to go
Hit the road, tell our favorite stories and enjoy the show
I saw you hug some guy but i’m like fuck it ima let it go
Got no reason to be arguing I sat you down I let you know
This that type of shit that anger me you need to take some notes
Replying to some goofy but when response could tell him no
Letting people get inside your head you know you ain't a ho
This type of shit you keep with pace but you hella slow
I don’t blame you though
This some lover rules but on this page this where hatred go

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