TOP BOOGER FLOW – Lil Boogerman
Genre Rap



I'm on the dummy beats, boy! [Yeah
I think we found a loophole [Yeah, we hacked the computer]


Oh, wee
I'm like dummy like my money
Really, I'm smart, but really, I'm just dumb
Ah, ah, ee, ee, ih, eye, honey [Huh, huh, uh, uh
I don't care about money [Huh, huh, uh, uh
I'm like money, I'm like W [Uh, uh
Yeah, ah, eye, eye, like the U
I like money, like poop [Yeah
I go dummy, dummy like you

Yeah, I get the dummy like poop
Even though I pick up the monеy, like
I would hop on the badlkjadlkasjl but I wouldn't poop
I would just hop on the afskdfjalskdjkaljfl, coupе
I like jalksdfjlaskdjflkasjdlfkajs, you
I could rap like a baby and ooh
Ay, yuh, what, yuh, hey, uh

I don't know what to say, I have to write lyrics for the song
I don't even know, but it has to last long
Nice Boogerman, I don't even know
I like picking my nose
Oooohhhhhhhhhhh, yeah
I'm not recording in the bathroom this time
I wish I was
Straight up, ay

The beat's just carried me
I don't care what I say, it's scaring me
I know blahblahblahblhblh, it's hair, meme
I jflkadsjlfksjdlfkajsdlkfaj, prevent grief
I'm pretending like I'm saying crazy, wild bars
Wait, what, uh, wait, what, are [Ooh
I blahblahblahblahblah, fast car
Alkdfjlskjfalksdjflaksjdflakj, math, ah [Ooh
Aaskdfjlaskdjflaksjdflkajsdlkcflkasdjflaksj, disaster [Ooh]

Pick up the flow
I got the ooh, and the duh, and the no [Uh, wait
I got the dkfajldskfjalskdj, zeroes on zeroes on zeroes
I got the money like zero [Uh
I got the money like hero [Ooh
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Give up

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