『Tiny Dancer』(Jorda) – Jeremy the Bartender
Genre Rap

Jeremy the Bartender

Verse 1Jeremy The Bartender

What a strict life, always filled with strife
I wanna let loose, probably bring up the noose
Is this a path I choose, or is it just a ruse
Maybe with some booze, this will improve

But I gotta bring results show up to expectations
Running around doing my obligations
Self-made, self-done, self-loving? That's gone
Self-loathe, self hate, self deprecate that's one

How can I keep up, when I can’t keep up with myself?
How can I please others, if I can’t please myself?
If I can’t be myself can’t, see myself
Supprеssing myself, killing myself

Heads hurting, visions blurrin
I can’t feel my facе, can’t see straight
Am I alive, or am I dead?
I can’t do this I need to escape

Verse 2Super Ego

We gotta create a system a seamless ambitious vision
So Jeremy you gotta listen about this life’s transition
Design an assembly line, employees and men to assign
Capabilities to maximize and train the qualified

Procedures met, precision steps, process to attend, and to keep in check
Adhere to a strict course and make sure it’s done daily
Account for the inventory we have that’s remaining
Mainly, observe improve the structure don’t rupture save it from becoming hazy

Identify the dissonance for severance and difference
The hindrance of lenience to systemize must be left to die
Priorities must be kept in mind, lest you are looking for wasted time
Account their tasks, efficient fast, mistakes are trashed

Improvement at last, improvement atlas, monitor our staff
From there we know how to revise our business a rising graph
As long as there are questions to ask, I’m sure business would last
So follow my graceful chasse, and Jeremy we gotta act fast

Verse 3Id

Fuck that idea, fuck that system, fuck that bother, fuck that plan
You’d rather work instead of getting drunk 'til you cannot stand?
Remember, you must satisfy our urges, purge this surge in us
I’m lost, you never told me you had dreams

Other than liquor’s buzz, other than letting loose, other than sipping juice
Alcoholic? We don’t ferment
We leave these people breathless, we’re anaerobic
We ain’t no novice it’ll last I promise it will be worth it

Let’s get into the business to get wasted escape from parents
Convince to get it started, I’m their prince they can’t deny it
The booze they be calling, let’s quit this useless stalling
Emmy-worthy acting, I don’t care if it’s appalling

Once it’s up and running, non-stop banquet’s we’ll be throwing
Intoxication our only existence all the fun that we will be having
Jeremy go out and sate our lust and appetite
And I will be there to motivate and to remind

Verse 4Jeremy The Bartender

That’s it! That's right! Why don’t I make the two of you fight?
In fact two things wrong, make one thing right
One of you is all about my future and my “should” deeds
One of you is all about my greeds and my “would” needs

One likes to follow order walking by the border
To take things into heart always gonna start
Listening to everything everyone getting it done
By the book following the line to the hook

One likes to make discord looking for things to hoard
Eyeing the prize but with no vision in sight
Doing vices crisis and all those problematics
Socratic? Nah that shits static

Making a bar to serve in order to observe
Peoples live and all their other strifes
People who swerve can come to cure their nerves
My name is Jeremy the Bartender would you like to have some Hors d'Oeuvres?

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