‏‏‎jordanisdead – ‏‎off!balance
Genre Rap



What on earth is where you are


Why you feel lost?
You can’t kill god
Try the shield on
Try the…
They don’t see you
Maybe you’re see through
Victimized, prison life, prism tied
Symptoms lie
Kept it bottled now the glass is broken [glass is broken
You can’t hide when all your past is open [past is open
Call me now, and calm me down yea
Gravity is tragedy, i’m falling down
Product of persona, with a pocket full of novas
You live a life not sober, one blink and then it’s all over
I have to live through all this, can’t sleep all this shit away
I pray for comas, fast forwarding through the days
But i got so much shit just to say
Contradictive soul
The sonnet grips and holds
The sonics lift from holes
The cosmics tip my soul
Off balance
Off balance

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