‏‏‎jordanisdead – ‏‎monotone
Genre Rap



A world of color, erodes to monotone
I hit the brakes, i might break, like a homophone
Trauma stole my innocence, dissolving leisure
I saw a silhouette, my soul spazzed and had a seizure
Censor my word choice simply to appease her
They look at me like i’m a creature, then i do not need her
If you mislabel me, bitch don’t expect a feature
I live my life, go home and write, then you hear it though your speakers
Then i’m paid in 90 days, by then the musics ruined
They try to tear my limbs, silencing my movement
From the robots in my environment to demons housed inside me
You’re no better than the words i shout, defining me
That’s why there’s ghosts and spirits that’s surrounding me
Astoundingly, you diagnose me, that shit’s profound to me
Like, i ain’t realize you had doctorates in psychiatry
Then again got no degrees in rap, i guess that it’s just society


Fuck it, none of us know nothing
Fuck it

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