‏‏‎jordanisdead – ‏‎i hate
Genre Rap

‏‎i hate


I hate to be defined, i hate when they remind
That simply i’m not shit, there’s no climate that i fit
There’s no balance when i sit, there’s no malice when i dip
Perhaps i’m too ambitious, i must rewrite my wish list
I hate to just recycle, so i must reinvent
I wanna try some new shit but it seems way too intense
Don’t wanna lose the fans that i had just finally received
It’s a risk i must take to finally be received
I hate to bе mislabeled, i will nevеr miss labels
Disoriented vision intoxicated by fables
Infatuation with saving plantations rooted in the spoiled soil
So i’m loyal to nothing, assumptions regarding direction when i’m running
Can’t change it at this pace, committed to momentum
Ain’t regret any message when i sent them
I was hungry, resort to consuming venom
10 years down the line they’ll ask my friends, “yo why’d you let him?”

outrojordanisdead & Joshua Abah

It is not their fault
It’s only solely my fault
I refuse to stop
Yea, yea, i hate
I hate all this fucking shit
Dear uncle sam
I am a nigerian man born into american soil
And maybe because we are related by blood thats why i prefer
Hip hop and go go over dancing to niger bands
Jeans over lace, rap bars over dads farm
Agnostics over christianity
Good music over god music
And ebonics over pigeon, listen
I was raised in your society-

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