‏‏‎jordanisdead – ‏‎anxious (pt. 2) [futility]
Genre Rap

‏‎anxious (pt. 2) [futility]


Somebody dropped a gun!


This morning woke up anxious
Another dream depicting car crashes and bloody faces, will i ever just escape this?
The breath of life is inefficient and futile
Imbalanced distractions just to see you smile
I’ve seen life dissipate right before my eyes
Death will take a soul, distort it to something you cannot recognize
But we keep living, decomposition of our system
To benefit the next generation, born to just be victims
The same as all of us
The rain ascends to rust
So, what’s the point?
What’s the point to bear possession?
What’s the point to share confessions?
There’s no choice, there’s no lesson
The essence of absurdity
Forever burdens me, watch a burning leaf
The eyes that only perceive burgundy
Sure to be, turn a person into vermin meat
What does the sermon speak?
Is it the truth?
I just wanna create something new, the moon reflects the sun
The water that had gave us life has entered our lungs
We was thirsty now we drowning
The wolves that had raised us are now the ones we surrounding yea


Take it how you want it, what defines a savior?
Paracidic nature, maybe god ain’t in our favor
Sterilizing parasite, now we can’t bear to fight
Nocturnally hopeless awoke to quite a scary night

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