‎stxich – ‎blackout
Genre Rap



I got xans in my system
Imma junkie bitch listen
I got lean in my kitchen
Slurping and she missing
I got percs in the bathroom
Slurring and slurping
Pouring on pouring
Scoring I’m scoring
Whore is she whoring?
Bitch you really boring


Taking LSD on the dark side of the moon
Bitch I’m gone, and you a goon
Staring at the stars, popping pills like balloons
Inside of my bedroom, Its so much head room
We outside, staring at the stars
Counting all our scars
Looking for mars
Weak ass arms, they full of heroin
Or I’m just tripping from all this LSD
I’m tripping, not bad, just weird when I sneeze
I seen the demons, In my dreams
We going back to hell, back to hell
I can’t smell the grass anymore
Just the herb from my ashes
As the timе passes, I wake up at the party In thе bathroom
Looking out the window still staring at the
Walk out the bathroom
Get handed a drink from a man
I take a sip and as he says hello
I pass out must’ve been another blackout
Four hours later, wake up, tied up
No clothes, dry mouth
I think I’m the prey
Please bitch help
Im yelling, and screaming
But in my demise
I close my eyes
And wake up In the afterlife
He stabbed me 18 times, raped me, taped me up after the club, and threw me in his trunk
He’s satan as a human, can’t trust no more
He’s the one that had me puking
All over the floor, now I hate myself
Cause another human, fucked me up
Was sent to heaven, so I’m heading back to hell
Do you know what he did?
He messed up my brain
Im fucking insane
Fuck my pain, I cut myself
Cause fuck this game
I hate my face, my hair, my life
Everything In my mind, always leads back to the knife, I keep on my dresser, or under my bed, protection is the key to life
So fuck my life
Fuck protection, fuck the heaven
Fuck your life, fuck a hearse
Fuck the nurse, thats gonna try to save me
Bitch, do not resuscitate
Im full of hate, what’s on my plate?
Heroin, ket?
These drugs don’t matter when the noose around my neck, you see me pointing the tec?
You see the noose on my neck?
And the slits on my wrists?
I was kidnapped but what the fuck is next?
Im scarred from the man
So I’m leaving a can by my dresser
So I can puke up my guts, I was fucking drugged, I want a fucking hug, where the fuck my plug
Fuck you
And fuck this fucking life
Where my knife, where the fuck my knife
Where the LSD
Where the Ketamine
Where all the drugs?
They all gone, like my dignity
So help me, before I blackout
Before I pass out
Before I blackout
Help me, help me, help me
Before I blackout

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