​brentalfloss – Super Mario 64 Water Levels with
Genre Pop

Super Mario 64 Water Levels with


I probably shouldn't swim in denim overalls
I am chafing now
Abrasive fabric riding up my cartoon balls
And they're chafing, ow

Since I've been in this painting
I'm tender in my tainting
I'm sorry for complain-ting
Curse these juicy thick thighs

I'll breathe a bubble from a time-worn pirate chest
That bubble, ew
Back to the subject of my thighs, by now, you've guessed
What chub rub'll do

Hey, weird how the coins give me air and power
At least now I won't need a shower
Just need baby powder

This is sponsored by
Monistat Complete Care Relief Gel

I'm up in Jolly Roger Bay and Dire, Dire Docks
Oh, a submarine, okay
My greatest enemy's a random pirate box
Well, I'm a drama queen, baby

A salty ocean dive here
A scary shark can thrive here, ah
But goldfish can't survive here
They're freshwater, plot hole

They make you swim in almost all the Marios
Ah, variety
I get this feeling like in Sonic water zones
Oh, it's anxiety

I'm out of breath and the tension's mounting
Swimming up, every second's counting
Hey kids, watch me drowning
Fun times

I did the swimming through a chain of water rings
And the star's right there!
Grr, give it to me!
The render distance isn't great, but what's that thing?
Hmm, maybe I'll stop and stare

Oh my God, what the f***?
This game is for kids, that is scary as f***!
Get out of here with that s***
I'm gonna keep the lights on tonight
Jesus, man!

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